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Pest Control in Mars, PA

For reliable pest management in Mars, PA, call Frye for service! For more than 20 years, our team of residential and commercial pest control professionals has offered this area reliable solutions to protect homes and businesses from unwanted creatures. Whether you're looking to address a current issue or prevent new ones from starting, our team can help you!

Rodent Control Experts

When weather starts to cool, mice and rats look for shelter in any warm spot they can find. Even the tiniest crevice can be an entryway for these pesky and unsanitary threat. Call Frye Pest Management for reliable rodent control solutions. Our team will carefully examine your home for entry points, properly apply treatments and traps, and walk you through the whole strategy so that it makes sense to you. The safety of your family is too important to simply ignore a mouse or rat problem.

The Best Bee Control

Fully enjoy your home’s backyard and patio without being bugged by insects and bees. Our team of expert bug exterminators will ensure your home, both inside and outside, is welcoming and comfortable. Whether your home needs a one-time service to be rid of bees and other bugs or regularly scheduled upkeep to handle insects, Frye Pest Management is the best choice for bee control in Mars, PA. We pride ourselves on maintaining effective treatment that is safe for your family and pets, which is why we use only the best and cleanest treatment options. Ensure your home is bug free, inside and out, with bee control from our team of professionals.

We're the Top Pest Control Company Serving Mars, PA!

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