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Pest Control in Butler, PA

Effective pest control in Butler, PA requires experienced professionals. With more than 20 years of insect and rodent removal, your home will receive the most effective equipment in the industry. Not only are our products industry-leaders in preventing pests, but they are also safe for your family and your pets. No matter the pest, the Frye Pest Management team is ready to make your home comfortable again.

Rodent Control

Rodents are an unwelcome and unsightly guest found in and around many homes. With a detailed inspection to locate entry points for mice, rats and other pests, a personalized plan will be created to rid your home of these creatures permanently. With your home sealed, traps and poisons are placed to ensure these rodents do not return. For the best rodent control and prevention, schedule an appointment with our experienced team.

Ant & Bee Control

Ants, bees and other insects indoors make for an uncomfortable experience in one’s own home. No matter what at-home remedies one uses, bugs often find their way into the home. Our experience guarantees we will locate the points of entry into the home, as well as where hives and nests are located outside of it. Our expertise in insect control not only includes bees and ants, but also mosquitos, fleas and ticks, spiders and more. Receive the best bug control with effective and safe methods with treatment from Frye Pest Management.

Schedule Now to Control Pests in Butler, PA

Are pests making themselves at home in your Butler, PA residence? Frye Pest Management is here to help. With over 20 years of experience in insect and rodent removal, our team is equipped with industry-leading tools to ensure your home remains pest-free. From rodents to ants, bees, and more, our personalized solutions guarantee effective results. Protect your family and pets with our safe pest control methods. Reclaim your home's comfort and peace of mind by scheduling an appointment with Frye Pest Management for expert pest control in Butler, PA today.

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